Trade and Investment

Our Mission

Our Mission

Ensuring that trade benefits people and the planet.

Did you know? Trade accounts for over 50% of global GDP

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How trade facilitation can support supply chain diversity in a post-pandemic world

Developing economies have been hard hit by pandemic-related supply chain disruption. Trade facilitation reforms can help remove red-tape and aid recovery.

Delivering a Climate Trade Agenda: Industry Insights

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Trade and Investment

Transformation Map


Transformation Map

Supply Chain and Transport

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Our Initiatives

Green Trade

We need to identify ways trade can help rebuild a greener global economy. This community of experts is advancing dialogue, research, and projects.

Digital Trade

This effort seeks to harness digital trade in services, one of the most dynamic sectors in the global economy, to aid the global economic recovery.

Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation

This is a public-private partnership dedicated to reducing the time and cost required to conduct trade, and to removing obstacles to the global supply chain.

Global Investment Policy and Practice

This initiative brings together business and government to address investment challenges and unlock their potential, informed by experts, experience and evidence.


Crowdsource Innovation

Riverrecycle Oy

RiverRecycle aims to stop ocean plastic pollution by implementing financially sustainable plastic waste collection and recycling solutions.

Karma Trade

Karma Trade invented a digital swap system based on our currency Karma, empowering secondhand stores to become local circular economies for post-consumer goods.


Koltiva is an end-to-end software-as-a-service solutions company that makes agri-tech supply chains sustainable, reliable, and transparent.

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