Agriculture, Food and Beverage

Our Mission

Our Mission

Sustainably and nutritiously feeding a growing global population.

Did you know? Yields of staple crops that keep much of the world fed may decline by a third if efforts to curb emissions don’t increase.

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Aquaculture: why the world needs a new wave of food production

With demand for food production growing on land-based agriculture under increasing pressure from climate change, our ocean and seas could provide a fertile alternative.

Norwegian E-Grocer Oda Has Started Providing Climate Receipts

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Agriculture, Food and Beverage

Transformation Map

Future of Food

Transformation Map

SDG 02: Zero Hunger

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Our Initiatives

The Future of Protein

Research suggests it's impossible, using current production systems, to increase the animal-based protein supply and still hit key climate targets.

Nature Action Agenda

This is a multi-sector movement catalyzing economic efforts to halt biodiversity loss by 2030 and live in harmony with nature.

Tropical Forest Alliance

This is a global public-private partnership dedicated to realizing sustainable rural development and optimal growth in tropical forest countries.


Crowdsource Innovation

Amazonia 4.0

We're proposing an innovative alternative to simply setting aside large tracts of forests for biodiversity conservation, or intensively exploiting natural resources.

The Seaweed Company

Our solution involves sustainable, traceable seaweed cultivation to utilize biomass for the production of less-carbon-intensive products.

I-Farm Wise

Our system captures farm and farmer data via an easy-to-use application, to analyse and use for training purposes.

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